Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 5 Challenge, Tactile Learning Fun

This was one of my favorite projects to do.  At first, I only was going to do it for K, my oldest.

I first cut out a piece of cardboard from an old box.  I wrote "I <3 You"  and outlined them with a hot glue gun.  I thought the tactile reinforcement would help K know when to stop and how to write the letters and shapes.

She loved tracing it with colored pencils, crayons and then highlighters.  She kept commenting when she would hit the hot glue side "oops, stop now!"

Of course then the other boys needed one of their own.  So I made one for D with his name, and he had fun filling it in with markers.

Then we made this one next, for C & Ry!
This evening C traced them all with his fingers, and I would say what the shape was.  I'm not sure if he loved it or K loved it more... we'll call it a tie.

It could be fun to do shapes, a name, a word that they are having trouble spelling at school, etc.  You could also make a road out of the hot glue so that the cars would have a "lane" to stay in...... really hot glue guns are amazing!!  Have fun playing!!

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