Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 16 Challenge- Snowglobes/ISpy Jars

Only a few days left until Christmas!  I'll post the next few days' challenges all tonight, so you can choose which ones you want to do, and discard the rest.

Just another note on why I'm doing this...  I really believe that families that play together strengthen relationships. Not only will the kids benefit from one on one (or one-on-five attention) but parents really gain appreciation of their kids through play.

I recently visited a cute store in town and saw that they are selling "I Spy" Jars for 20 dollars!!!  I cannot believe this because all you need to do this at home is a recycling bin, some old rice/water/shampoo/anything really and some tiny toys that you no longer have use for!

I have been saving up (read: hoarding) old spice containers, washed spaghetti jars, baby food containers for awhile now.  So there were lots of options for my kids to choose from.

Then you can allow your kids to choose if they'd like a transparent material or an "ISpy" material (or both!)

If they want something to use as a snowglobe, some fun ideas are hair gel, which allows things to seem suspended in motion, vegetable oil, colored water, plain water, shampoo.  If they want to make an ISpy bottle they could use: rice, orzo, couscous, shredded newspaper, old packing peanuts...anything small.

Add a small toy hot glued to the container lid (we used a small old doll that the kids didn't play with)  Then add glitter, any beads that your kids want to include.  A friend used her old bracelet and cut it up and used the letter beads to spell out her grandson's name!  So cute.

Don't forget to hot glue the lid to remain closed!

This is a cute example I found online, and no, ours did NOT turn out this fancy! :)
Ispy Bottles:
Fill up the bottle with 5-8 "things" you want to hide.  I recommend broken toys, crayons (identifying color activity) pennies, nickles, quarters...  Then add rice!  Voila!  It's done.  The kids have so much fun shaking it up and seeing if they can find everything in it!

It's extra fun if you take pictures of the objects FIRST, then have a piece of paper with the pictures on it so the kids know exactly what they are looking for.

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