Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 13 Challenge- Pounding!

I won't be around to post tomorrow's challenge, but I've already been busy thinking about it, so I'm posting it early!

Hammer and "nails" are SO much fun for kids.  We have used real nails, but with K & C I most often let them use golf tees, and toy hammers rather than real ones.  In preschool, we also use tees & toy hammers.

In preschool, we set out the activity during pumpkin week.  We had huge pumpkins, golf tees, and hammers, and let the kids have fun "pumpkin pounding"

Then, I found this awesome activity (at

We recreated this activity with #'s 1-7 at preschool.  All it takes: a styrofoam block, some golf tees (or any nails/screws for older kids) a marker,  and hammers (toy or real, depending on the child!)  You use a sharpie marker to write numbers on the block, with "touch" points on the numbers to have a tactile reinforcement for the numbers (two dots on number two, four dots on number four, etc)

The kids at preschool LOVED This and used about 2,000 golf tees!

This week at home, we had out our play doh, golf tees, and toy hammers, and set it on a cardboard box.  The kids had a lot of fun just pounding the golf tees into the play doh!   I think with a little imagination you could use this activity for just about any theme.... learning address, phone numbers, letters, shapes, pictures.... and the kids will always love it because they get to use a hammer!

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