Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 8 Challenge- Computer Off

This is no easy challenge for me, and I suspect for anyone reading this, it won't be too easy for you either!

We are actually doing this tomorrow, and I am going to TRY really hard to do it every day until Christmas.  Then, we'll see :-)

So I'll post the challenge up here, and then do a little thinking below. Feel free to skip everything BUT the challenge.

Challenge 8: Turn your computer off tomorrow.  Go ahead and indulge in an early morning facebook check, make sure there are no emergency emails, and then turn the computer off until the kids are tucked into bed.  I know most of us have instant access on our phones, but attempt to NOT check facebook, don't go google-ing a question that's just burning a hole in your brain.

I am surprised at how much my kids notice that the computer is a central part of my life.

It's my best frienemy.   A way of instant communication, a research tool, an educational partner, a source of entertainment, and the number one distraction in my life.  I will literally ignore the children at my feet to look for a new activity to do with my children!  I will look up organizational tips and ignore the closet stuffed with crap I don't need. Irony at it's worst.  I urge you to turn off the computers, and get done something you've been putting off.  Start that basement closet organizing, get the presents wrapped, finish the laundry that's been waiting at the foot of your bed, and engage your kids in meaningful conversations that don't take place peering over your Iphone.

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