Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 4- Challenge! Not for the faint of heart....

Alright, so has anyone tried the challenges yet?!  I am telling you, it will be WORTH the effort you put forth!  The smiles and learning that will take place will far outweigh the mess they'll make.  Though maybe with tomorrow's challenge you'll disagree!

I call this the "Goo" Challenge

We did this at preschool and it was a BLAST.  We also did this many, many times at home.  Messy, but definitely worth it.

My favorite recipe is for Silly Putty:
1 cup LIQUID starch (I found it at Walmart)
2 cups white glue and food coloring if you want
You knead it for about 5 minutes, REALLY working it, and it is so fun to watch it transform!

D wanted his green.  K wanted hers pink.  How typical my children are!!

 Will this rock stick?

Can we stick together??

Some suggestions:  I recommend getting your kids down to their undies.  And a pair you don't mind getting really yucky.  It does wash out rather easily in the washing machine, but it is REALLY hard to get out of the carpet!

There are really fun learning opportunities with this goo also.  We talked about liquids vs. solids.  The easiest way I found to explain it: Liquid takes on the shape of whichever container it's in, and a solid will remain the same shape.  We put a large rock into a cup, and they noticed it did not change shape.  We then tried play doh.  They were surprised to find out that play doh is actually a solid, and not a liquid!  Then I had both kids make predictions about the silly putty.  It is in fact a liquid.... I hope I didn't ruin the experiment for you :)

The other fun goo:
1 part corn starch
1 part water (plus food coloring)
It is THE most interesting goop I've ever made.  I have other posts about it if you want to refer back to those.  The kids love playing with it.  I give them bowls and measuring cups, and they are busy for an ENTIRE hour at the kitchen table!

If you don't try ANY of the other ones, PLEASE try this one.  For my sensory junkie daughter, it was her dream day.  I also hid little things in it, like plastic coins, little toy animals, etc.  It's SUCH good fine motor practice getting them out of the goo.  Then if you want to label cups with numbers they can place "four coins" in the number 4 cup.  "five coins" in the number 5 cup.  The possibilities are endless.

I guarantee they'll be asking for "more goo!!!" the next day.

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