Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 2 Family Fun Challenge

Try to plan a Themed meal tonight.  You can either surprise your kids, or let them help you plan it.

I'll tell you our plan, but change it to make it fun for your family:   We are doing a pirate dinner, in preparation for D's upcoming pirate birthday party. 

So I'll have pieces of fried chicken buried in a bowl of cooked noodles (plain)  so they can search for their buried treasure.

We'll have slices of oranges as our "gold coins"    

I also have a few cardboard tubes around the house that will be our telescopes, and we're planning a pirate hat craft for this afternoon.

Dig through your costume bin, and see what you have.  Have a "Zoo Meal"  Where everyone in your family has to dress up as an animal. Bring out your old makeup and let the kids decorate their faces. 

Or a Princess Tea Party where you dress up in your prettiest dress, do your girls' hair, serve tea and little cakes, with tiny sandwiches.

Or a Monster Meal.  You could dress up in creepy clothes, use makeup to decorate the face... use brussel sprouts in a cream sauce as "monster eyeballs"   Or Decorate Cookies in the face of a monster for dessert.  Kids have so much fun using their imagination, but I have to say... it's just as much fun as an adult :-)

Let me know what your family tries!  I'll post pictures of our pirate dinner tomorrow! :-)

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