Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 15 Challenge- Make your own Puppets

Somehow I think puppets have gotten lost in the excitement of new fun toys.  Toys that make music, or light up, or make shooting noises fill up the shelves.  But despite my childrens' LOVE of all things loud, they still love puppets!

This morning I asked D if he wanted to make his own out of socks, you should have seen the look on his face!

He quickly ran down to the basement where our sock basket is and chose dad's largest socks.  Ssssshhh.... Gibbs will never notice!

I asked him what he thought we should use to decorate them with.  Let me just insert here that I had it in my mind how this was going to go:  I was going to guide him into wanting to make fabric ears (envision lamb chop here...)  and sewing on buttons for eyes, etc.   But he thought quietly for a moment, and then SHOUTED "I have a GREAT idea!  I can use the permanent marker for grown ups!"

So ... we did it his way :-)

He then asked for some of the "beautiful stones, and cotton balls" to add on with glue.

In the middle of his sock puppet project he said, "Mom, don't you want to take a picture of all of these beautiful things I'm making?  I am working really hard to make them very beautiful."  I guess this is a testament to how often I take pictures of his projects!!

He did end up playing "puppet" with two of his socks, but his more decorated ones he decided would be stockings.  How fun!  I had not even considered that as he was making them.  So we are hanging them up on the fireplace.

Try it and see what fun things your kids come up with!  It takes almost zero prep work, doesn't get messy, and my personal favorite perk of the project: less socks to fold tonight :-)

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