Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 10 Challenge- Make your own Stickers

Wow...  A Day 10 challenge means that tomorrow there will only be ten days left until Christmas morning!

This challenge is one that we haven't tried yet.  We have done various fun projects with contact paper though, and the possibilities are limitless!

If this challenge takes you to the store, that's awesome!  Contact paper is pretty cheap, and can be used for LOTS of fun stuff with the kids.

My kids love stickers.  When I am feeling a little under the weather, I usually reach into our sticker drawer and grab a bunch of stickers to give to the kids along with some paper that they can decorate.  This activity allows them to really use their creativity to make their own.

Put a piece of clear contact paper down on the table.  Use masking tape to hold it on to the table, and don't take off the film that makes it sticky yet!  Let the kids draw on the top of the contact paper.  Help draw their names, any characters that you've been reading about, their age....

Then blot off any excess ink, let dry for an hour, and unpeel!  Stick it on to their doors, their walls, windows, wherever.  Make sure to let them peel off some of the smaller pieces and stick to where they want it to be!  It will be fun and rewarding for them to see their artwork on display!

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