Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 12 Challenge- A New Use for Play Doh

I love Play Doh.  I think parents tend to forget how fun play doh can be, since it's been around for so long!

I found this post while I was looking through a preschool website:

So I set out yesterday to re-create the experience.  We didn't have cheerios, but I do have an abundance of colored noodles, and my kids LOVE to play with them.

I set out: play doh, plain spaghetti noodles (thought they would break easily but they really didn't!) and the colored noodles.  The kids right away started threading the noodles onto the spaghetti, and once I stood mine up and declared it to be a sky scraper, the kids followed suit.  Though I believe D's was actually "pirate ship, sailboat, pirate ship, sailboat".  It's a fun way to introduce patterns, and work on fine motor skills for strengthening little fingers!

My biggest surprise was little C!  He LOVED playing this.  He kept playing after the other two grew bored.  I loved watching how hard he was working to get the noodles onto the spaghetti strands.

I hope you enjoy this as much as C did! :-)

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