Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 19 Challenge- Oat Dough Sculptures

As I presented my kids with this play time, K & D both asked me "What is a sculpture?"    I guess I haven't exposed them to real art very frequently!!

Oat Dough is so easy:
1 cup of Rolled Oats
2 cups of Flour
1 cup of water.  Mix it up until it's nice and doughy but not too sticky.

This was a fun part for the kids.  They love measuring, pouring, and mixing.  Although D was worried that his hands were getting too sticky.  Go figure.

Then I asked them what they wanted to add to decorate their sculptures.  I had a list of options for them and they chose to cut up pieces of straws (other ideas: googly eyes, gemstones, toothpicks)

This was really quite a fun project.  It has a different consistency than other things we've tried, and it actually DRIES out and hardens!  So on Saturday they will have a sculpture to paint!

I let them take the lead on what they wanted to make.

 C was making a birthday cake, using the straws as candles and blowing them out.  K helped out a bit with the blowing :)

Have you ever seen the Veggie Tales episode with a dragon who has Larry in his belly? Then Larry goes through the hatch door in his belly to get out?  Well if you have/haven't... that's what D's is.  He wanted to make the dragon from Veggie Tales.  So the little hole you see in the middle is where Larry escaped from.

This is K's!  I don't think hers requires an explanation, but it's Frosty :) She did ask for some help rolling the balls, and she is probably the most excited to paint hers tomorrow... though it's already white!

They have insisted that they paint and wrap these as presents for daddy for Christmas.  I'm not convinced that Gibbs will appreciate them the way that I do, but I guess they can go on his desk anyways :-)

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