Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 7 Challenge- Take a Vacation

I am constantly trying to find ways to introduce my children to a broader worldview.  Without having the excess funds to travel, and not living in the most.... cultural town, I have to be a little more creative!

A fun challenge for tomorrow that is more fun with a little preparation: Take a "Vacation!"  Choose a country that you've always wanted to visit.  Google some pictures of the land, the people, some details.  Create your own passports for the kids that they can "stamp" when they get on the airplane.

We chose to go to Australia.  I gave the kids their passports and tickets, had chairs set up as an airplane, and we flew off into the sunset!  On our way we sang some fun songs:

I'm A Little Airplane
   (Tune: I'm A Little Teapot)
I'm a little airplane: (raise arms to side at shoulder height)
I can fly, (turn right arm in front of you for propeller)
Here is my throt-tle; (reach hand out to instrument panel)
Give me a try. (push throttle in)
When I get all revved up (make engine noises)
Then I fly (keep moving forward)
Off the run-way (keep moving forward)
To the sky! (go up on tiptoe running forward)

Then, when we landed, I had pictures taped on the walls that I had the kids describe.  What things looked the same as they did in our town?  Which things looked different?

I had also looked up some games that they typically play in Australia.  

Google is amazing.  I found lots of different game options from different countries around the world.

I also looked up traditional Australian meals.  I didn't actually make one, but you could!!

I also found a national geographic video on youtube on the Great Barrier Reef.  The kids loved it, and hopefully learned something in a really fun way!

I bet you'll learn a few things too! :)  Happy Playing!

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