Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New things we're doing

On my friend's blog, my favorite postings are the one where I get to know her boys a little better, and see the fun activities they are trying, and new foods they are making. So, every once in awhile, I'd like to just do posts like this for other moms who are looking for fun new ideas.

We are learning new letters each day. On "i" we made igloos. I cut out pieces of white paper, that they had to glue on to their igloo (like ice cubes) and then cut out a door themselves. They also practiced writing their i's on their little ice cubes. You'd be surprised how many kids in preschool that have never held a pair of kids scissors, or used glue! It's so good for their fine motor skills!

We also have played outside a LOT (thank goodness for good weather!!)  D had the great idea of going on a rock hunt (this was totally his idea...I was so proud of his creativity!)  He thought we could bring them home, wash them, then paint them like Easter Eggs. Grandma gave us the good idea of putting them in baskets around the house for decoration afterwards. She also suggested adding food coloring to corn syrup for some very shiny coloring! Here's D's first one:

This has also been a week of playing dress up. D and K both dressed up like cowboys, practiced catching their cattle (this was a great day to learn the letter "C")  D even insisted upon sleeping in his cowboy attire....

Isn't he so funny?? My favorite quote of the week: Me: (after hearing some tooting..) Do you have to go potty?  D: No, cowboys are supposed to be rootin and tootin!

We also have been trying to be more healthy this week. More deliberately healthy I mean. No more goldfish and fruit snacks as a default easy afternoon snack every day, no processed chicken nuggets for lunch every day.... I'm determined to have healthy food options at each meal for the kids. And each option they have on their plate is something I'd be ok with them eating.  I don't want to have to hide their healthy food, I want them to grow up realizing that they LIKE eating healthy food. That healthy food doesn't taste like cardboard!  So here are some of the fun things we tried and LOVED this week:

Spinach Nuggets (made with pureed spinach, cheddar cheese, crushed cracker crumps, and 2 eggs) Even K LOVED these and she is my most picky picky picky eater.

We also had "green eggs"   I made scrambled eggs and added some steamed broccoli cut up into little pieces. The Kids thought it was very fun to eat like Sam I Am.

Sweet potato chips (baked with cinnamon and brown sugar sprinkled on top)

Smoothies, with bananas, frozen peaches, yogurt, milk and cinnamon

Fresh mango (on sale at Aldi)

The things that didn't go over well:  fresh avocado. Ah well, I Tried! :-)

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  1. Sounds great! The spinach nuggets sound interesting. I love that you are trying to eat healthier. That is so awesome! We have been taking short cuts lately in the healthy eating department simply because I've been so tired lately. Thanks for the inspiration! I hope to get back on track this week. :)