Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Routine Days

Things are getting back to normal around here. K started her afternoon preschool class on Tuesday and seems to be adjusting really well. D loves having some "alone time" to play with mom, and C seems much happier to be on a normal schedule too.

I don't know how I turned into a routine schedule person, but I have. Probably K has helped me with this more than anything.

As Gibbs and I talked about how our days went this evening, I found myself really grateful for such a happy family life. The little things seem so much more meaningful when I'm in a routine. I suspect this is what kids love about consistency too.

Knowing what our day will look like ahead of time gives me the opportunity to enjoy the conversations with D at bedtime more, instead of stressing about when I'm going to have time to finish the dishes. My improptu "airplane ride" with K, flying to Grandma's (of course) seemed more exciting than it would have if I was worried about the bills that I hadn't gotten around to opening yet. C's new babbling took on greater importance, and I had the time to notice it. I wasn't busy trying to catch up, or run errands, because that was planned for later in the day. And when it came time to catch up on bills, wash the floor, get the dishes done, that was ok too. I knew it was coming, the kids received a coveted TV show that they had been denied all day and they enjoyed the down time. In fact, K even helped me mop.

School has changed K and I's relationship. The routine is definitely part of it, which gives her more confidence in herself, but also the opportunity to miss me and her brothers arises when she's gone for a few hours. I'm always surprised when she goes back to school so effortlessly after a break. She never cries about having to go, but she's always ecstatic to come home.

Life is good

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