Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm a blogger, now what?

I wrestled with the decision as to whether or not I really wanted to become a "blogger" for weeks...
Do I really want people to be able to judge my writing style, my grammar, more importantly, my thoughts, my feelings, my beliefs? It's a tough question. I give a lot of credit to those who share uninhibitedly (of course, there SHOULD be limits, personal limits set on what areas you are willing to share on...)

So, here it goes! But now, there are titles, pictures, settings to choose from. If you knew me in college...well, you know that CSE101 didn't go too well for me (MSU's beginner computer course...)

My title.....Adrift: aimless, without an anchor. I'm blessed to have an anchor in my life. Christ. And more physically present there are several anchors here at home.
K- my 4 1/2 year old only daughter, who is stubborn, difficult, sweet, cuddly, smart, resilient, and has Down Syndrome
D- my 3 year old braniac who is just like my husband, has been known to throw a few tantrums but is the most loving boy I know
C- my youngest little baby. Sweet, cuddly, easy going, and attached to his mama.

And of course, there is my loving hubbie. We'll call him Gibbs. He'll like that.

I hope to use this blog to encourage others who have children at home, who have children with disabilities, and just as a tool for people to see the fun things we are doing with our lives!


  1. i feel as thought i am important enough to warrant a pseudonym as well.

    i am glad you are doing this, i am really excited for your blog! now i can hear your innermost thoughts in a whole different format!

  2. well that is funny, as you commented with your smart pseudonym of "vanessa" I shall follow suit and refer to you as....vanessa :) or waiiiit...which spice girl were you??