Monday, November 21, 2011


As Christians, of course, we should always be counting our blessings.  But, if like me, you can tend to get overly focused on what's in front of you, your to do list, the list of things NOT going the way you thought they would... Thanksgiving gives us a great reminder to take a step back and see all that God has given us.  With spouses off work, children taking a break from school... it's like a pause button.  Spend time with your family, good quality family time without a list of things that should be getting done, without the stress of what your house looks like.  All of that can wait. I promise you won't forget to worry about it on Monday.

I love the idea of a restart.  Let go of the ways you failed this week, last week.  The things you let fall by the wayside when the kids were sick.  The  mountain of laundry awaiting your return. God allows us a restart every day.  His mercies are new each morning.... if only I could remember that each day instead of holding onto baggage from the day before.

This week I'm thankful for:
My kids
Fun things we are learning together
My husband. He puts up with so very much from me, and still seems to find me amusing.
My friends, especially my very close friends.... who um... well not to be redundant, but put up with so very much from me, and still find me amusing :-)
My dad, who I never thought would still be giving me advice, listening to my future goals and dreams, offering a listening ear when I need it, but never turns me down.

As an added unrelated side note, I'm going to give you a fun thing to do with your kids this week!  We did this last night, all 5 of us, and we were laughing so hard that one of us had a little accident.... I won't say who.

The Human Alphabet:  Can you guess which letter each of these are?

 Uppercase A

 Lowercase a.... not so easy!

F.... prior to C rolling on top of K!

Try it, I bet you will all be laughing, and your kids will probably surprise you with their creativity and knowledge!  Mine did anyways :-)

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