Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Creative Writing

Two posts in two days?!  It's true!  Count me out for the rest of the month now :-)

This one is much more practical in nature, and inspired by my creative children, a book my sister in law was kind enough to recommend to me, and a wintry afternoon.

I've always wanted to write a book.  I love writing.  I love reading.  Reading more than writing. I find words to be inspiring, moving, beautiful.  The bible is chalk full of examples of how important words can be.

Ang brought a book this weekend while visiting, Honey for a Child's Heart, that reminded me of how important it is to pass that love of reading and writing down to my children.

Who hasn't curled up in a cozy armchair by a fireplace, and been caught up in another world, transferred to a different time, a different country?  Lived through another person's fears, failures, triumphs? The world of writing is transformative, magical. For a child, all the more so.

So today while the winter storm blusters outside, I announced to my middle son (the only one awake and at home) that I wanted to write a book.  "Me too!" he shouted.  "Let's write one together!"

So we did.  I've never been able to come up with a good enough plot for a children's book, but always thought it would be fun if I could!

We sat down on our couch in the basement.  Turned the fireplace on, had cups of hot chocolate and discussed ideas about what to write. I had a notebook, and a pen, and an excited child by my side.  Together we wrote the story of Riley the Polar Bear, and His Surprising friend, Bomb the lady bug.  Yes, he chose the characters.  Yes, he named the characters.  He also was kind enough to draw pictures in the notebook, and critique my plot as we wrote.  He now has his own favorite book, inspired by his own active imagination.  Better than I could have written alone, and twice as interesting for him.

Tonight, I plan to repeat the experience with K.

The magic of Christmas has arrived early, along with the snow, at my home :-)   I think I'll put up the tree tonight....

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