Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Fun Stuff Lately

Thanksgiving week is done, and on to the next set of crazies.  We have D's birthday party coming up in two weeks, then Christmas already!  Life is on roller blades it seems.

We've been busy learning about fun new projects and ideas, thanks to my new favorite website (playathomemom3.blogspot.com)

My favorite that we've tried out:

These are actually little dehydrated beads you can buy at Michael's, in the craft vase area.  They come in a package priced at about 5 dollars, and we only used half of them this time!  You put them in water, and wait for four hours and they plump up and are juicy and squishy.  The kids enjoyed playing with them at all of their stages though!

We wanted ours pink so we added a little food coloring
 Even C had fun dumping them and squeezing them!

Yes, we had to put our entire bodies in these.  My sister (in law)  and I agree that we want to fill a bathtub up with these and go swimming.  Amazing sensory experience!

The dinosaur sand puzzle.  Each bone is made out of clay and matches up to a picture of a T Rex skeleton.  D & K had so much fun playing, they had no clue they were learning numbers right along with it.  Playing in sand is always fun too :)

I'll hopefully have another post up soon about learning to be satisfied and content in all circumstances.  I haven't quite figured out all of my feelings yet, so it may take some time to get it written in a way that makes any sense.  When I tried saying it out loud last night, to Gibbs... it definitely didn't make sense yet :-)

But, I am learning that being 100% present and dedicated to the children is fulfilling my life in a way that I didn't think being "just a mom" could.  I'm learning that there isn't anything wrong with wanting to give my children an excessively wonderful childhood experience, and to do that, I have to put 100% of myself into them.

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