Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun Week with the Boys

This week K is staying with my mom in Michigan. It's a bittersweet experience every time she does this (this is her third time in the past two years) I know she LOVES the alone time with my mom. She gets a lot of attention, a lot of fun experiences that I just don't have the time or energy to do with her every day, besides my mom just has more patience with her than I usually can muster up!

The bitter part is just that I end up missing her! And of course, the guilt! Guilt that I don't have time to spend with her one on one, guilt that I lose my temper with her, guilt that the boys take up so much of my time and energy, especially the littlest boy.

But, I've been trying to make the best of it this week and have a LOT of fun with the boys. It's much easier to get out of the house with only two kids. Soo, here are some of the fun things we were able to do this week!

I've been trying to use up our "garbage" to make fun crafts with D.  So this one is just going to be our recycled paper box, that we made from an old diaper box

These were two really fun wreaths we made. One is made out of egg cartons and a recycled cereal box, and this one is just scrap pieces of construction paper where we traced D's handprints and a lid to an old bucket of coffee that he had fun playing with glue & glitter on.

We also had time to play kinect after C went to bed. Dad & D had so much fun.

A very fun day at the zoo! Usually, I am not brave enough to go to the zoo by myself with the kids. I start fearing a run away child, or temper tantrums, emotional breakdowns....etc. But with just two boys, it was a breeze!

I also had a lot more free time on my hands. The boys typically sleep at the same time in the afternoon from about 1-3, so I used the time to cook and get my bible study done in a much more timely fashion. I made chocolate biscotti (seen above) It's delicious dunked in my coffee!  I also made a cheeseburger soup (VERY yummy!) with cheese, ground hamburger, onion, milk, carrots, potatoes, bacon.... mmm.  Then I also braved a new recipe given to me by a friend. Chicken Artichoke Spinach Calzones. I loved them, as did JS, but D & Gibbs made a pepperoni pizza instead. Ah well! Can't win them all :)

I've really had time this week to enjoy the little things with the kids. I don't feel quite so hurried, or so rushed to get to things. I've been trying to be more realistic in my expectations of myself, and really learning about God's Grace. I find that there's no one who is holding me to the same insane standards as I am doing to myself. God doesn't care if my house is in perfect order, or if all of the socks were folded today. As long as I am happily leaning on Him, learning from Him, loving others... Hopefully, when life returns to normal next week I can hold on to these new revelations :)

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  1. this looks super fun! that pic of D is hilarious, and C is getting so big! see how i remembered to use their initials? though i must say, i really hope you return to the Deep Thought postings soon. your public is waiting.