Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Changes Around the House

Last week was SO incredibly busy around here. We had so much family around visiting after baby Ryan was born, and the kids' routine pretty much went out the window!

So this week, armed with a fresh perspective on my priorities, I decided to make a few changes around our house.

First, I decided that I was wasting WAY too much time on my computer. It had become a kind of addiction for me to connect with the outside world. With three kids, it's easy to feel isolated at home, and the computer can provide a "break" from the loneliness. I'd find myself ignoring the kids to check my email, or even caught myself telling them I was "working" when I was actually looking up a good bargain on used kids' clothes.... pathetic!

So, from now, during business hours (when my kids are awake and I am the only parent home) my computer is staying off! I can check my email, and do whatever else I "need" to do when they go to sleep at 730.

I also decided that during the kids' nap time my number one priority had to be my bible study. It's the only time of the day when I am feeling quiet and studious enough to actually learn anything and not rush through the study just to get it done.

I'm finding that it's much easier to get work done around the house now that my computer is shut off. Miraculously, the laundry is actually getting done now, my husband has clean socks in his drawer...he's thrilled.  Today, I even washed all of my kids' toys with vinegar water....which I hadn't done in probably two years (gross I know)

Now, lest you think I am bragging about how I have it all together, my house is still rather... unkempt. But my kids are SO much happier! They are happy to help with chores, knowing that after they are done we get to have family play time.  They still have their whiny, right now, won't wait for two minutes to get my juice, moments. But as I become more productive, and have more time to focus on them, I am much happier also, and therefor more willing to overlook their yucky moments.

My play time with them is really focused on the kids now. I'm not waiting and anticipating for a moment where they seem distracted so I can run upstairs and send out that email I wanted to get sent, or skype with my mother in law  (though I still leave time for that in the morning before Gibbs leaves for work)

I'd challenge you to see what simple changes you could make to your routine to make the day a little happier for your family!

Just thought I'd leave you with a sweet picture of the older two "fishing" with dad :)


  1. I am so incredibly proud of you for turning off your computer during the day! I struggle with the computer too so I know how hard it can be! I hope you stick with it!

  2. thank you :) I still sneak in a moment of computer time during nap time, but right after that, I turn it back off. It is really tough! I hadn't realized how much time I was wasting until I took it away.