Saturday, August 13, 2011


This month has been a LONG month for us.  We purchased a home, moved our entire household, unpacked every single box (I mean I have unpacked every single box...Gibbs actually has two left... sitting in his office) and found a way to really settle in here already.

I've also managed to continue on my weight loss journey, exercise regularly, begin a Precept Bible Study on Abraham all on my own, and try to begin a regular cleaning regimen.  What I'm learning from this, is that discipline begets discipline.

Four years ago, I began a journey to really Know God.  Soon after, I struggled with balancing two kids AND a consistent bible study routine.  I slowly got the hang of it, but then I wondered how I would balance that AND the laundry... then I had Caleb. I had to relearn balance all over again.

Only a few months ago, I added exercise and a diet plan to my list of things "to do".  It seemed impossible to fit one more thing on my plate, but I slowly integrated it anyways.  Just last month, I tried to start a habit of getting dressed every morning, and though I wanted to quit many times along the way, it's now become just part of our routine.

Four years ago, when it was just K, Gibbs & I, I never could have imagined being able to care for THREE children at home, keep up with PILES of laundry, stay consistently in God's Word, and exercise every day!  But as I become disciplined in one area, it seems easier to stay disciplined in other areas. I have no idea why or how this works, but now that I'm in a "routine" of setting and keeping goals, I am able to balance more with less stress.

Last night, I began feeling rather guilty for not posting on the blog for awhile (which is silly, I know!)  but it made me wonder what the purpose of this really is if it's causing guilt.  For me, I find writing so therapeutic, but it's more than that.  It's another area in which I can practice discipline. Writing down my thoughts, organizing them, sharing them with friends. But mostly, it's a way for me to see evidence of my relationship growing with God. It's a story that I hope progresses with highs and lows, but with a thread of continual growth evident in each posting.

Discipline is something that I really struggled with as a child. And I don't mean my parental discipline... though I certainly struggled with that too, haha!  But, personal discipline was almost non existent. I would quit things sometimes before even beginning them!  I hope that my example of setting goals and reaching them is creating a by-product of a learning opportunity for the three little ones always watching me.

The Lord is so Good.  And always faithful.  And always teaching me new things.  I can't wait until I'm 50 and have been perfected ;-)   (kidding!!!!)

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