Friday, September 30, 2011

These days

These days have been SO full! K has been SO busy in kindergarten, she comes home exhausted!  She always requires a little down time, but is ready to be busy with her very busy little brothers within a half an hour!

D has wanted to do structured activities all day long also, so I've been doing a lot more "lesson planning" at home (which I love!)  So this week, we made Goop!

 Can I eat this?

Just a box of cornstarch, mixed with some water, and it made THE coolest sensory goop I have ever seen!  The kids were busy playing for almost 2 hours, NO fighting!  We played this many times this week.

And yes, it made a huge mess. totally worth it.

It's been so much fun lately, that being at home with the kids has seemed like such a huge blessing.  I know, I know, it should always be a blessing, but there are days that it feels strangely burdensome!  But these days... life is easier.  Warmer. More fun. Filled with love and learning.

There was a long stage we went through where I really didn't believe that my kids would grow up.  It sounds silly, but after years, 5 YEARS, of changing diapers, wiping noses, cleaning up endless messes, rocking crying babies, waking up every 3 hours at night.... I just could not foresee an end.  The messes are still there, the crying still happens, and occasionally we still wake up every 3 hours, and yes, I am still changing diapers and wiping noses.  But now, over night it seems.... they're not my babies.  They're my kids.  And I LOVE this stage.

It got me thinking about God of course.  How he waits and waits on us to grow up.  His patience never ends. He promises us so many things when we grow in Him, but we resist, drag our heals, we don't want to change.  But when we do, the blessings are just waiting for us, blessings that we could never foresee.  Blessings that we maybe don't even really believe are there.

  I think my thoughts of eternity parallel my feelings towards my kids growing up.  I know it's there, at the end, waiting for me, but there are days that I don't REALLY believe it. I don't live like I believe it.  My patience wears thin of the endless burdens, exhaustion, list of demands.  But it's there.  And I do believe that it will be even better than goop.

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