Monday, September 12, 2011

Meals, Projects, Fun week

We are in full swing of school and activities!

Expect no deep thoughts here, I have been literally too busy to over think anything, which sometimes can be a good thing!

In an effort to keep my kids eating healthy, I have been trying out lots of new fun meals.  Here are some of my hits and misses:  feel free to email me for any of the recipes, which I keep on hand!
* Carrot Muffins (YUM!)  Huge hit.  We shredded carrots together in our food processor, which the kids thought was very fun.
* Applesauce Oatmeal Cookies.  Hit!  I posted the recipe on facebook, and my kids ate them all up the first day.  I meant to freeze some for future lunches.... ah well.
* Raisin, Feta, Spinach Pizza.  Miss.  Except for me, I loved it!  I sauteed garlic and spinach, added the feta and soaked raisins onto yummy thick bread and baked it.  Kids thought it was disgusting.
* Fresh Apple Cake. Made with whole wheat flour, no oil, not much sugar. Delicious!  Kids loved it with some whipped cream on top.
* Honey Soy Sauce Pork Chops.  LOVE! You soak the pork chops overnight in honey and soy sauce (obviously)  and then bake it for about 30 minutes.  So good and healthy.  D ate an entire pork chop.

We've also been busy with the beginning of preschool, and K getting used to the routine of kindergarten.  Despite fears, K loves school.  She seems to be following the rules well, and the routine is really great for her. She is even playing with friends on the playground :)

D also loves school!  He had so much fun on his first day, he asked me to sign him up for every day preschool (not going to happen!)  But we did agree to sign him up for Awanas, on Wednesday nights, and he started Sunday School, which he also loves.  AND swimming lessons on Monday mornings. He is becoming such a social little butterfly!  He asked me today if we could do lessons every day (what kind of lessons, I asked?  Oh, any kind, he said)

C is very happy with how things are going also.  He does not have to attend preschool, he gets to stay with Aunt Aud on preschool mornings, and stay home with mama for the rest of the time.  He is much more of a homebody than D (for now)

We also had a fun family day on Saturday.  No plans, no obligations, just family time.  Love it when we have unexpected days like that.  We spent our day at the beach.  We swam, we hiked through the woods (that was an .... adventure...)  We fished.  Gibbs even caught a little sunny for the kids to hold and torture a little bit.... don't worry we released it mostly unharmed and alive.

We also had lots of fun creating our new "Me" Dolls.  D's is for preschool and K just wanted in on the fun because well.. it was just so much fun!

The kids did absolutely everything themselves, except for the lines for the shirts and pants.  I was so proud of them for their fun creativity in choosing things to use, and decorating so nicely!

Things are going so well.  So well, I just keep reminding myself how much I have to be thankful for. I know inevitably things will cycle around, like life tends to do, and I'm praying that God uses this "up" time to sustain the other less than up times :)

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