Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Week

We've had a really great week!  I thought instead of just sharing my reflective dissatisfied, searching for contentment moments, I should also share my joyful, at peace moments.

I generally use writing as a type of therapy tool to work through my own thoughts, as well as hoping to share my conclusions and the insights God has shown me that week with others who might be struggling with similar issues. But, I don't want people thinking that I don't LOVE being a full time mom, because I really do!  My kids are the best (though I'm a bit biased I admit)

This week I'm grateful for:
1. Time on the boat, spent with family

2. Fresh yummy food from our garden, that I am able to pick whenever I want, eat whenever I want, guilt free!

3. Three kids who love spending time together

4. The time to spend sitting outside on our deck, teaching D about the different types of clouds.  He even made me come inside, get out the Magic School Bus book and show him different pictures so we could make sure that the type in the clouds were in fact "cirrus"  (they were!)

5. Dropping K off at summer school myself, picking her up myself, and seeing her smile when she saw me there.  She ran into my arms screaming "mommy, me missed you!!"  (it's three hours long ... kindergarten will be tough this fall!)

6. Having a husband who told me this week that he wouldn't change anything about me, and that he feels lucky to have married me (I know, you are all gagging yourselves!)

7. Having friends drop by, spur of the moment for fun play time and a nice walk

8. Picking fresh wild berries from the bushes in our backyard.  Watching K, D & C eat an entire bowl full of them and beg to go out and pick more.

9. Taking K shopping, just a girls morning, while Gibbs stayed home with the boys.

10. Having a husband who was able to come home in the middle of the day so I could take K to a doctor's appointment without it being too stressful.

I really do love my life (most of the time!)   :-)

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