Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just fun stuff we are doing

We are always busy around my house, but lately I've been trying to be busier with a purpose. After subbing in the preschool for a few days I decided that I was not putting enough effort into my stay at home mom routine. So, I found a great great website (thanks to a good friend/teacher)

It's so great for preschool age kids!! They have TONS of ideas for easy crafts, math ideas, reading ideas.... I really love this website. I've tried a lot of them out for ideas for preschool curriculum planning, and this so far has been my favorite.

So this week we made cow masks, read books about the farm... then made policeman finger puppets out of toilet paper tubes and then watched a movie about policemen (yes, andrew loves movies, i'm a terrible enforcer of no tv time)

Thanks to being at Grandma's house, we also made many many forts. Forts are my MIL's specialty, and the kids get a big kick out of it that Grandma lets them jump on, off, and around her tables.

K and I got to take a special girls shopping trip (to once upon a child...another of my favorite things.)  and she LOVED it. She just loves shopping, and getting one on one attention :)

We spent a fun four days in Minnesota, and are heading back to WI tomorrow and looking forward to a visit from my mom this week.  It's so much easier parenting when someone is around to help and distract the troops :-) 

My quotable moment this week from D:  "Mommy, being at grandma's is kind of crazy. She lets me run around and mess up her things. I think she likes me messing up her stuff."

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