Friday, February 11, 2011

Finishing Things

Ugh, my struggle has always been finishing things I start. I am great at the beginning, ok in the middle, but I really fall apart in the day to day follow through.

I don't have enough energy to list ALL of the ways that this is true, so I will try to keep it to the funny and most honest things that I'm struggling with. 

This blog! I can't believe I am struggling to write a blog. If you knew how many words I say to myself in my head every day, you would think writing them down would be so simple! I love writing, I love thinking, I love sharing things, but still I struggle with sitting down and just ...completing this thing that I started. I will continue doing it. If for NO other reason, then just to finish something. So my goal is this: At least stick to it until my birthday. At least once a week.

The other way I'm struggling is just child rearing day to day stuff.  This is not eloquent today. We have been sick for TWO long weeks. I'm lucky to have functioning brain cells at this point.  Some days, I just miss having adult professional problems. I miss adult conversation. I struggle with finding meaning in laundry, dishes, vacuuming, endless amounts of cooking for picky eaters!

I know God will give me the strength and patience to get through these preschool years.  He gives me gifts of small moments.  Today, as I put D down for a nap today he asked me if I would nap with him. I asked why he always wants me to sleep with him and he said "just because I love you so much"  and yesterday when Gibbs came home from work, K jumped to him and said "me missed you, me really really missed you."   I'm trying to find peace in just letting those moments be the motivation to get through the not so fun moments.

Other fun moments this week: Painting hearts for our bedroom door.  Playing in the snow and seeing C eat his first little snowflake (soo cute, but wait, yuck, germs! --my in the moment thoughts)  Building a castle out of chairs and blankets. Having an "australia" day. We woke up, I made "airline tickets" for the kids. The couch was our airplane and when we landed, surprise! We were in Australia. We read a book about animals that live in Australia. We played three games I had looked up that are native to Australian children. It was pretty fun (for about 40 minutes until the kids were bored)

I hope your family is able to find something fun to do in the cold :-)

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