Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ancient Egypt activities

We have had a lot of fun traveling through Ancient Egypt

Our trip through Egypt
We read a fun book about a cave discovery with all sorts of artwork painted on the walls, so this is our version :-)

Homemade chariots! Kids loved this one!

My favorite activity during our Ancient Egypt unit was building sugar cube pyramids! All three kids loved doing this activity. It can be small (beginning with a 6x6 base) or huge (D started with 10x10 base!)
Warning: Sugar cubes are a little tricky to find!

After completion, he asked me to save it so that he can show it at the county fair... so it is still standing in our garage!! Even through a move to a new house!

This was another really fun activity. A lot of the books we read had maps of Ancient Egypt. We also located Egypt on our world map and drew in the Nile River and it's tributaries. So Cookie Dough maps seemed like the perfect activity!! We used premade cookie dough, blue frosting, a variety of candies to decorate. C made a mess, and ate it :) But D really took his time and added a lot of details!

 K LOVED this activity, and promised that she was NOT eating hers :-)

We found a really fantastic book about Hieroglyphs (called Hieroglyphs..) that had a stencil at the end. Each symbol corresponded to an alphabet sound. D wrote his entire name. Plus the word "Cat" and wrote a note to a friend with his name as well!  I was really really impressed!

A study of Egypt really isn't complete without making mummies. I found some dolls at a garage sale to use for this activity, because I really didn't want to touch a raw chicken. I pre-cut and glued sarcophogus' for the mummies, and the kids did the decorating. Then, we wiped down our mummies with oil, sprinkled cinnamon on them, and we used strips of linen (cut up pieces of white pillow cases..) dipped in a flour and water mixture to wrap around the dolls. It was pretty messy, and took 24 hours to dry (and also got moldy after a few days...) but overall, the kids really enjoyed doing it!!! Definitely worth the mess.

Makeup and costumes *of course!*

We also found a lot of great books to read at our library. Pete and Bill go Down the Nile was one of my favorite picture books. Magic School Bus had another great picture book. We also had fun watching a movie about Moses, Prince of Egypt, and learning about the role of God and His people in this influential and fascinating culture.

Greece comin' up next!

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