Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Impressions of Homeschooling

During the past several years, I have been drawn to people who homeschool. Their values, their passion, their love for their children, their depth of thought and analysis over education and their children's future.

I am not someone who just accepts things the way they are because it's "normal." I am not someone to accept things the way they are because they've always been that way. In fact, I almost despise that method of thought. Things never change with people who think that way. Growth has never occured in the human race because a man sat down and thought, "well, I guess this is as good as it gets!"

The homeschooling community, and of course everything has exceptions, is a group of families who aren't satisfied with doing things just because it's what everyone else does, it's a group of families who are excited about their children's learning, and love of learning. And I LOVE that! I feel like I'm finally not fighting a system, struggling an uphill battle against a teacher who says "I'm sorry, we can't give your child the time, the attention, the love or the challenge that he needs" because of some law made in Washington by a man who probably doesn't even have children.

We've started "homeschooling" recently, even though yes, it is summer, because my children are SO excited to homeschool!  I love their enthusiasm, their excitement, and I love watching them learn.

This morning we did an ice experiment, K practiced her handwriting, D and C mostly just explored, but we had so much fun.

Whether your kids are in daycare today, at a friend's house, or at home enjoying their first few days of summer break, I hope you find a way to learn from them today!


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