Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Real Man

On Mother's Day, I often have pretty lofty expectations. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I'm a pretty decent mom. I devote most of my energy to my family. Loving on them, growing them, cleaning up after them.

On most Mother's Days, I find myself feeling as though I've earned some accolades, some attention, some extra spoiling even. I think secretly (or not so secretly!) most mothers would agree with that! Sadly, I hear equally as many disappointing Mother's Day stories as I hear great ones. Stories of children who are lost, stories of mothers who are gone, complaints by women who don't think their husbands notice how hard they work. But today, I am consciously choosing a different path. A much more pleasant path, and unfortunately, the road less traveled.

The days that I feel better than decent, the days that I feel great (or at least borderline great) are the days that I am focused on enjoying my kids. These are the days that I hope that they remember. These are the days I choose to meditate on when we are mid-tantrum, or in the middle of a two hour long bedtime process...

And these days are a credit to the man that is always standing beside me. I could not be a mother worth celebrating without him. I would not be a mother that I was proud to have become if not for his encouragement, strength, and steadfastness.

On this Mother's Day, while my husband is off farming, and I am alone with the three kids, I am choosing happiness. I am choosing thankfulness. A person doesn't deserve joy, they choose it. This day is an offering to my husband, who is a real man, and the reason I can be a good mother.

My husband is not perfect, I don't want anyone reading this, rolling their eyes at me, or my family, thinking that I'm living in some sort of alternate universe where my husband rubs my feet and recites poetry to me (he'd literally die before that happened) But he is Godly. He is faithful. He is Loving. He is Steadfast. He is Gentle. These aren't just nice qualities, these are instructions By God himself (1 Timothy 6:11)  And who am I to complain that it isn't enough?? These are not small things. These are everything.

On this Mother's Day, if I am a mother worth celebrating, then I have to take the time to thank my husband for being a real man, for being a man after God's own heart, and for allowing me to be a woman and mother of value.

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