Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 4- Halfway through!!

I am a bit behind, so I'll post our activities that took place over the past 10 days, but several of the days were spent on vacation when I had a firm "no working" rule!

Day 1:

My explanation on this is probably not necessary, but we were just working on a pretty fundamental math concept: Which is more?  Which has least? And counting skills!

 Day 2-Day 6: We were in Wisconsin! We had a wonderful trip spending time with friends and family out there :-)

Day 7: Literacy based story telling.  K was retelling the story of the Three Little Pigs with felt pieces.  Lots of fun!

 Day 8: Addition skills. I have some laminated numbers that I just place on the number sentence.  K would place that number of cookies in her pan, and then count the sum.

 Day 9:  A boring math worksheet, but you can see from the picture that she doesn't mind it!

Day 10: Another math game. This one we use the Numicon Math Kit that we have (which is specifically designed for children with learning difficulties in math)  Each number corresponds with a shape and color. We made this little spinner. Then K would spin her first number and choose the correct math piece and place it on the board, then spin a second number and place that on her peg board.  Then she would have to tell me the sum of both pieces.

Only four more weeks until the results are in!  Are there any measurable results from this sort of thing?  It should be interesting to find out.

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