Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 3

This week, I've perhaps deviated a bit from my original purpose just a bit.... I started thinking a little bigger than just how well she performs on an IQ test, although unfortunately this is my only measure of how effective all of this work was!

We still did a lot of school work, but I also incorporated things that I know will never be tested, but I think are important skills nonetheless.

I decided that the core purpose that I'm staying true to is being very intentional with my teaching skills to her.  The other two absorb so much from incidental learning. K has just never been that way, she requires much more concentrated teaching to learn a concept, while D and C will watch me measuring out ingredients and have a pretty solid understanding of how it all works! I figure that most intense reading/writing/math workshops only meet a few days a week anyways, so I don't feel that I'm shortchanging her in the experiment!

Day 1:
I did three reading lessons using the Edmark reading system. She just loves picking up new words so much that this is by far the most enjoyable part of our week.

Day 2:

This was a math game that I used from my Numicon Math Kit. You start by placing different tiles out, each that has a different number of holes. The one you see in this picture is obviously the number three tile, and each number has a different color tile. Then K uses pegs and places the same number of pegs on the pegboard. This was a pretty frustrating one. The idea is that she also matches the pattern shape (which is a conceptual and problem solving skill) and it is really tough for her. We lasted about 20 minutes before I thought she was going to throw a peg at me.

Day 3:

Color mixing science experiment!  This is one of the days that I feel I deviated from school-based learning.  Although this is actually a skill that we teach in preschool, it forced me to really examine whether I believe it has any value at all, other than fun (which IS a good skill!!) I decided that it does.  K is not one to experiment.  If she doesn't know the answer, she doesn't often investigate the possibilities to figure out the answer on her own.  We did a lot of chatting about "What will make the color orange?" (she'd say, I don't know) and so we'd try out some different combinations to figure it out together.

Day 4:

We focused on doing her reading lesson, but instead of just reading them, she would have to write the word out after reading it.

Day 5:

These are just wiki sticks that we use for all sorts of fun stuff. I would ask K to place five lines on the bumblebee.  Then I would ask her, how many more do we need to make the bumblebee have six lines?  The addition is still a really really tricky one. Frustrating for both of us.  I'd love suggestions on how to make addition easier!!

Day 6:

I had Gibbs do two math worksheets with K.  I know worksheets are totally boring, but she actually *LOVES* worksheets!  Weird, I know.  I thought having dad do it would make the "math" more fun.  

Day 7:

Another deviation, we did a Young Athletes program that was being held by the local Special Olympics program.  There were so many opportunities for developing listening skills, gross motor skills, social skills.  All so valuable in life.

This last picture has nothing to do with anything.  I thought I'd just share it anyways.  I came upstairs to find K doing her dolls hair :-)  So girly!

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